Our Concept of Quality
Our Concept of Quality

Our concept of quality

The quality of our products and services is decisive for the efficiency of your mobile machines or stationary applications. Therefore, our corporate culture focuses on orienting all activities of our staff in a common direction: upward.

In the direction of leading positions in all areas: not only for the products and processes but also in personnel development and operative performance. The qualification, commitment and identification of our employees with our products and services are very important for the continued success of our enterprise – success that we can achieve only with a consistent and comprehensive concept of quality.

Vision und Mission


Our principles

Quality assurance is an essential part of our corporate strategy. We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and orient our processes on the EFQM model - and we see the improvement of our processes and product quality and the continued development of our quality management as a constant challenge. We take on this challenge through continuous improvement and well-aimed preventive measures.

Our total quality management system produces reliable and precise drives with a long service life that our customers can count on even under severe operating conditions.

Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2015


Our staff

Environmental protection at Linde is part of our ArGUS management concept.
The acronym is formed from the German terms for industrial safety, occupational health and environmental protection. Rather than being issued from the top down, directions are integrated throughout the complete company structure at Linde. By assigning responsibility to managers and supervisors at all levels, we ensure that every member of the staff takes an interest in environmental and safety matters. Consistent review of the various elements such as assignment of responsibilities, shop manuals, materials and process study is performed by functional cross-audits. This means that the separate operation units are audited by their peers, each unit auditing each other. This method has turned out to be very successful.


Our materials

No working materials are allowed into Linde plants unless they meet our in-house standards of suitability ranging from health and safety, protection of water resources and workplace exposure levels to waste disposal. The introduction of new working materials is also controlled by a standardised review procedure. Safety- and environment-related quality is jointly assessed by specialists in the fields of environmental and occupational safety, industrial medicine, quality control and production engineering. Furthermore, compliance with the current substance regulations is regularly checked.

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Our methods

Forward-looking protection of the environment and workers naturally involves proper planning. Like materials, new production processes are thoroughly assessed with a view to pollution prevention and job safety. The conservation of resources such as air, electricity, gas, fuel oil, water and waste water results from this forward looking planning. That's how measures such as heat recovery, cooling water circuits, regeneration systems for waste water and patented environment-friendly foundry processes lead to a clean environment and more profitability. This, in the end, also is of benefit to our customers.


Additional Certificates

Certificate DIN EN ISO 50001:2018       Certificate DIN EN ISO 14001:2015