1x HPV 135-02 E2

Variable displacement pump

1x HMV 165-02 D E6

Variable displacement double motor

1x iCon

Electronic control unit

150  kW
180 kW
200 kW
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Linde Standard Product Portfolio

150 kW - 200 kW

Application Example

180 kW, 24 t, tractive effort 1300 kN, ground speed 40 kph


1x HPV 135-02 E2 (Propel drive)
1x HMV 165-02 D E6 (Propel drive)
1x iCon (electronic control unit)

  • Extremely high torque at creep speed
  • Smooth driving, even at speeds approaching zero kph
  • Large displacement with slim design of the hydraulic motor

Beet Loader

Highly specialised self-propelled machines are firmly established in beet harvesting operations. Harvesting and transport are increasingly treated as separate operations and optimised in their own right.

Self-propelled loading machines compact the ground less than towed transfer trailers, and have plenty of reserves in traction and power – especially on difficult terrain. Where towed trailers often exceed the permissible axle loads for road transport, self-propelled transfer machines allow beet to be loaded directly onto the transport vehicle from the field. The beet harvester machine can meanwhile take the ideal line across the field, with no accompanying tractor, and can then pile the beet at the end of the field.


Self-propelled transfer machines with Linde Hydraulics propel drives are characterised by their ability to go into the stack at high power and maintain precise movement at creep speed. The operating speeds of the cleaning and loading devices are precisely tuned at all times. The design example shows a double motor supplied with oil by a HPV 135-02. Like all Linde Hydraulics motors of the series 02, it is characterised by its precise low-speed behaviour. Both motor units are set parallel and have a combined oil flow of 330 cc.