2x HPV 210-02 E1P

Variable displacement pump

1x HPR 55-02 LP

Self-regulating pump

1x iCon

Electronic control unit

15 m
55 m
70 m
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Linde Standard Product Portfolio

15 m - 70 m

Application Example

55 m


2x HPV 210-02 E1P fast swiveling (conveying pump)
1x HPR 55-02 LP (working hydraulics pump)
1x iCon (electronic control unit)

  • Exact synchronisation of the pumps
  • Good filling degree of the cylinder
  • High conveying speed
  • Low mast vibrations
  • Robust hydraulic units
  • Low noise emission

Concrete Pump

High and steady concrete flow characterizes a premium concrete pump. It benefits from the smooth running behaviour of the Linde Hydraulics components, which help to reduce mast vibrations and noise emissions to a minimum. The assembly realizes up to 36 conveying cycles per minute which results in an almost constant concrete flow.

The two conveying cylinders are driven by two HPV variable displacement pumps, which operate in a push-pull mode. Each pump features 210 cc/rev displacement and is optimized to this application. This is done by an optimized signal flow and an increased control pressure of 40 bar which enables the pumps to swivel between the two displacement maxima in only 210 ms. This makes them one of the fastest pumps on the market in this scale.

By operating in a closed hydraulic circuit, the system only needs a small amount of circulating oil. Like every controller available for the HPV, the E1P type represented here is working independent of the load. Since the control signal for the pump is always the same, there is no need to change the software in order to adapt the machine to different conveyor heights or different concrete textures.

The other components of the open hydraulic circuit are fed by a HPR 55-02 self-regulating pump which is also very silent due to its pulsation damping SPU unit.