1x K 75-02

Integrated pump-/ motor drive unit

75 kW
125 kW
250 kW
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Linde Standard Product Portfolio

75 kW - 250 kW

Application Example

125 kW, 6 t, tractive effort 100kN, ground speed 50 kph


1x K 75-02

  • Smooth at all times
  • Always at the optimum operating point
  • Two-wheel or four-wheel drive
  • Variety of stepless concepts


The example on the right shows the K 75-02 as a component of a powersplit gearbox.

It is fitted directly within the gearbox casing. The power of the diesel engine is split at the input. One part is linked by a direct mechanical connection to the annular gear of a planetary gearbox. The K-02 is positioned in the second path as a variable unit and drives the sun gear as required. The power is transmitted as required; the speed can be precisely controlled. The sensitive hydrostatic system keeps the tractor under control on hills, preventing inadvertent rolling away and permitting smooth and gentle starting. The high conversion capability ensures that virtually any load situation can be mastered at low diesel engine speed.