HMV 02 D

Dry Case

General Design

Design Characteristics
  • Axial piston motor with two inline
  • swash plate rotating groups and common swash plate
  • Through-drive motor
  • Arrangement of the rotating group compensates internal forces
Product Advantages
  • High starting torque and maximum speed
  • No gearbox & no shifting required (even at speeds up to 40 kph)
  • Extremely compact dimensions and low weight

Dry Case Mode

Design Characteristics
  • Significant reduction of windage losses by suction of leakage from housing
  • Maintaining lubrication via active bearing lubrication
Product Advantages
  • Maximization of efficiency
  • Significantly reduced energy consumption
  • Greatly improved performance
  • No adverse effects on operation or service life

Suction of Leakage

Design Characteristics
  • The feed flow generates a vacuum via the venturi nozzle
  • Oil is sucked up on motor bottom side
  • Air to fill the vacuum is filled in on motor upper side
Product Advantages
  • Cost-effective and space-saving solution that uses only a few and existing components

Separation of Suction & Air

Design Characteristics
  • Oil/air mixture is returned to tank via diffuser/filter
  • Air for filling the motor housing is drawn from the tank above the liquid level
Product Advantages
  • Oil/air mixture is calmed - air is separated out
  • Cost-effective and compact solution with only a few components

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