Circuit Types

Swash plate and bent axis hydraulic motors

We produce axial piston motors for high pressure hydraulics. Our hydraulic motors are differentiated by their design features, as we offer our constant and variable displacement motors in both swash plate and bent axis designs.

What are hydraulic motors?

What does a hydraulic motor do?

A hydraulic pump converts a mechanical energy into hydraulic energy.
The hydraulic motor then converts this hydraulic energy (pressure and volume flow) proportionally back into mechanical energy (torque and speed).

The difference between swash plate and bent axis motors

Swash plate and bent axis motors differ in their design characteristics.
Whereas in the swash plate motor the cylinder block is always parallel to the drive shaft, its position in the bent axis motor is diagonal to the drive shaft – just to name one.

Why hydraulic motors from Linde Hydraulics?

We offer a wide range of high-pressure motors – hence, you will always find the right motor for your requirement!
If you need higher speeds, the bent-axis motor is perfect due to its smaller cylinder block. It also offers a very slim insertion contour.
However, if you need greater robustness against rotational acceleration, you should have a look at our swash plate motors.
Our starting torque is outstanding. This applies to both motors and regardless of whether fixed or variable displacement motors.

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