Turning Power into Motion
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Turning Power into Motion
Our Service


Regardless of being at the prototyping and commissioning stage or series production, with systems and expert knowledge, we always ensure high quality and reliability.
We are already well prepared before we come to you to commission your machine.
During the development of the iCon® controller, for example, we use the design parameters of your machine to create a simulation model, with which a majority of the functions can already be programmed and tested by computer. During commissioning on site, we can then fully concentrate on the fine adjustment of the parameters.
The so-called partial integration by means of Hardware-In-The-Loop test systems significantly shortens the development period of the controls and offers you more flexibility in designing your machine functions.


We get you moving again quickly. With subsidiaries in Europe, USA, South America and China as well as an extensive network of service partners you can rely on competent service around the world.

Our partners offer you the following services:

Repair of hydraulic pumps and motors:
Our highly qualified staff uses only genuine Linde Hydraulics spare parts for the repair of your unit. Thus we ensure the well-proven Linde Hydrualics quality.

Remanufacturing of hydraulic units:
You can obtain a short-term reconditioned hydraulic exchange unit in proven Linde Hydraulics quality. Your defective unit has to be supplied back to the responsible service partner for this.

Sale of spare parts in original Linde Hydraulics quality such as:


  • cylinder block
  • drive shaft
  • gear pump
  • port plate
  • pressure relief valve
  • swash plate


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Fluid compatibility with copper-based alloys:

VDMA and Linde Hydraulics have developed a method, which helps to draw a conclusion regarding fluid compatibility of hydraulic fluids with copper-based alloys. This is done with laboratory results and field experiences.
The testing, according to VDMA 24570, is a simple, fast and cost-effective laboratory procedure to provide the compatibility of biodegradable oils with copper-based alloys in hydraulic systems under practical and representative conditions.
You can order from us the materials listed below for compatibility testing of hydraulic fluids with copper-based alloys according to VDMA 24570:

  • Cast bronze (GC-CuPb15Sn8 / [material 2.1817] according to DIN ISO 4382-1) Part number: 7999949380
  • Sintered bronze (CuPb10Sn8) / Part number: 7999949381



You are looking for Spare Parts?

You can now identify spare parts 24/7 via the Linde Hydraulics Spare Parts Shop, inquire or order directly.