Swashplate Hydraulic Pumps

Whether variable displacement, self-regulating, integrated, double- tandem or multiple pumps  - All controls of our hydraulic pumps are based on a load-independent control mechanism. No matter which control is used: identical commands always result in the same response in the machine. The sensitive and precise machine control makes work easier and increases productivity. Various customer system options for mechanical, hydraulic and electric input solutions are available. Further special regulating features like torque control and pressure cut-off are also available. The reliable control of the pump can easily be integrated into any kind of vehicle management control system.

Frequently asked questions

We have specialised in axial piston pumps in swash plate design. We develop and produce: variable displacement and self-regulating pumps, as well as double, tandem and multiple pumps in both closed and open circuit.

The pump pulls hydraulic oil through a suction port from a tank by moving the pistons axially and transports it into the circuit of a hydraulic system.

The pressure of a hydraulic pump differs from model to model. Our pumps can withstand pressures up to 500bar.