Variable displacement pump CPV

Variable displacement pump for closed circuit operation

Variable displacement pump for closed circuit operation

With the new generation of swash plate pumps for the closed hydraulic circuit, Linde Hydraulics combines the many years of experience of the 02 series with today's diverse market requirements for a closed circuit pump. With its modular concept, it offers a wide range of options and globally standardised interfaces with minimum space requirements. Thanks to the robust and proven rotative group of the 02 series and its optimised flow concept, the pump specifically reduces flow losses and noise emissions and thus achieves a very high level of efficiency in relation to the market without compromising on durability. In terms of efficiency, the CPV has, among others, a new assembly concept that allows wear parts to be replaced individually without dismantling the pump.


  • Highly flexible compilation of individual configurations
  • Extremely compact pump
  • Cost-effective repair and conversions
  • Suitability for load dependent & independent applications
  • Versatile applications


Design Characteristics

  • Modularity (e.g. controller, peripherical parts, etc.)
  • High integration
  • Maintenance and repair friendliness
  • Controller with and without position feedback
  • Interfaces meet common understanding of global market
    standards (mechanical, hydraulic, electric)


Technical Data

Nominal size 65 85 100 115 145 175
Max. displacement cc/rev 65 85 100 115 145 175
Internal gear pump (standard size) cc/rev 15 19 19 23 31 38
Nom. speed at Vgmax* rpm 3900 3600 3450 3300 3100 2900
Max. speed at Vgmax rpm 4100 3800 3650 3500 3300 3050
Min. speed rpm 500 500 500 500 500 500
Nominal pressure (main pump) bar 450 450 420 450 450 450
Maximum pressure** (main pump) bar 500 500 470 500 500 500
Nominal pressure (IGP standard) bar 25 25 25 25 25 25
Maximum pressure** (IGP standard) bar 40 40 40 40 40 40
Corner power*** kW 182 219 247 272 322 364
These data correspond to the current development status and may deviate in the case of the series-ready product.
*highest transient speed, that can temporarily occur
**highest transient pressure, that can temporarily occur
*** (Vmax x nmax x ∆p 430 bar)


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Fact Sheet CPV PDF 1.19 Mb Download

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