Integrated Pump / Motor Drive Units

Stepless for optimum performance

Precise transmission control for simple operation without interrupting tractive effort. From stand still to maximum speed. Stepless. Together with the customer Linde Hydraulics defines new standards in technology. Advanced modular drive technology, realised in hydrostatic variators for variable speed transmission, form the core of power split gearboxes. Compact units with a hollow shaft are available for mounting to conventional gearboxes in smaller machines. These compact units are used as fully hydrostatic systems with PTO drive. With customer-specific developments, Linde Hydraulics supports the change from power shift to continuous variable transmission technology.


  • accurate control of volume flow
  • exact gear shift without interrupting tractive effort
  • dynamic response
  • standstill control
  • sensitive start-up
  • precise crawling speed
  • high efficiency
  • low fuel consumption over entire operating range
  • compact design
  • high reliability
  • long service life

Design characteristics

  • variable displacement pump HPV-02 and fixed displacement motor HMF-02 back-to-back in one common unit
  • inline-configuration
  • integrated high pressure relief valves with charge and discharge function
  • external feed
  • electric or hydraulic pump control

Version for gearbox installation

  • optimized for power split transmissions
  • customized enclosure geometry
  • engine power 120 - 165 kW

Version for gearbox extension

  • fully hydrostatic unit for mounting on conventional gearbox
  • PTO version with power take-off
  • engine power up to 45 kW

Technical Data

K-02 55/55*** 75/75*** 105/105***
Max. displacement cc/rev 55/55 75/75 105/105
Max. operating speed rpm 3900 3400 3200
Max. speed* rpm 4150 3600 3400
Nominal pressure bar 450 450 450
Max. pressure** bar 500 500 500
Max. housing pressure bar 2.5 2.5 2.5
Torque ( p=430 bar; charge press.=20 bar)**** Nm 374 519 719
Corner power kW 153 185 241
*highest transient speed, that can temporarily occur
**highest transient pressure, that can temporarily occur
***(Nominal size variable displacement unit/ Nominal size fixed displacement unit)
****(Vmax x nmax x ∆p 430 bar)


Name File-Type Size  
Product Catalogue. Turning Power into Motion PDF 3.28 Mb Download
K-02-3D-CAD-Download ZIP 1.65 Mb Download

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