1x HPV 105-02 E1

Variable displacement pump

1x HPV 105-02 E2

Variable displacement pump

2x HMV 75-02

Variable displacement motor

1x HMF 55-02

Fixed displacement motor

1x iCon

Electronic control unit

60 kW
120 kW
200 kW
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Linde Standard Product Portfolio

60 kW - 200 kW

Application Example

120 kW, 10 t, tractive effort 33 kN, ground speed 32 kph


1x HPV 105-02 E2 (propel drive) 2x HMV 75-02 (propel drive) 1x HPV 105-02 E1 (chopping unit) 1x HMF 55-02 (chopping unit)

  • Compact tandem pumps for the propel and auxiliaries circuits
  • Hydraulic controls for all adjustable components
  • Variable motors switchable between two stages
  • Electro-hydraulic control of the hydrostats
  • Separate, hydraulic mixer drive
  • Gearbox version

Feed Mixer

The use of hydrostatic drives for auxiliary and propelling functions is illustrated by this example of a self-propelled feed-mixer. The chopping unit at the leading end of the conveying channel is driven by an HMF 55-02 fixed-displacement motor of compact dimensions. This is supplied with oil by an HPV 105-02 variable displacement pump as required. It could also be used to drive the  conveyor belt, which can be within the channel or arranged in other configurations.

The driver has a perfect overview of the chopping process and can move the machine sensitively and precisely. The reason for this is the hydraulic rear-wheel drive. This consists of two variable motors, which are connected directly to the wheels via wheel gears.

The hydraulic motors can be switched between two displacements and therefore take over the function of a mechanical shift gearbox. The machine can be moved sensitively by means of the second HPV 105-02.

The variable speed of this unit is controlled by a electric control signal, which is determined by the operator’s accelerator pedal. Thanks to the PTO capability of the Series 02 units, the pumps for the drive and auxiliary circuits can be connected one directly behind the other. There is no need for a pump splitter gearbox.