2x HPV 55-02 E1P

Variable displacement pump

2x CMV 60 E400

Variable displacement motor

1x iCon

Electronic control unit

5 m
9 m
13 m
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Linde Standard Product Portfolio

5 m - 13 m

Application Example

9 m


2x HPV 55-02 E1P (tandem pump)
2x CMV 60 E400 (travel circuit motor)
1x iCon (electronic control unit)

  • Compact design with high power density
  • High control dynamics
  • High starting torque
  • Maximum pressure limited by electronics, rather than valve
  • Wheel-driven variants

Road Paver

Millimetre-precision work across long distances and under changing conditions. Road-surfacing machinery of all types present significant challenges to the drive unit. Linde Hydraulics meets these challenges, delivering drive units that fulfil the toughest requirements.

Two identical drivetrains consisting of a variable displacement pump and a variable motor each supply one side of the surfacing machine. The specific dimensions of the machine with its tight spaces require a special motor version. The solution is a variable motor with a plug-in design, which even includes a speed sensor in its compact housing. This continuously monitors the speed and reports it to the electronic control unit, which permanently adjusts all drive components, ensuring an even surface. Not only does it control the components of the drivetrain to achieve a perfect line and defined curves, but it also adjusts other drives such as the scraper belt and distributor auger to suit the situation.

The controller is CAN-bus compatible and can therefore communicate easily with additional functions such as an automated level regulation.

The motors stand out thanks to their excellent low speed behaviour. They move jolt-free and evenly, even at very slow speeds or where different speeds are required. Everything functions optimally combined with the series 02 high-pressure pumps, whose unique adjustments ensure precision supply even with minimal volume flows.