1x HPV 210-02 E1

Variable displacement pump

2x HMV 165-02

Variable displacement motor

1x HPR 210-02 LEP

Self-regulating pump

1x VW25M3

Directional control valve

1x iCon

Electronic control unit

150 kW
200 kW
300 kW
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Linde Standard Product Portfolio

150 kW - 300 kW

Application Example

200 kW, 20 t


1x HPV 210-02 E1 (propel drive)
2x HMV 165-02 (propel drive)
1x HPR 210-02 LEP (self-regulating pump for working hydraulics)
1x VW25M3 (main control valve MCV)
1x iCon (electronic control unit)

  • Maximum efficiency through the use of efficient standalone systems and components as well as the intelligent system design in closed and open circuits
  • Does not require a pump distributor gear
  • Only two gearbox ratios, "Shift in Motion" possible
  • Low noise level thanks to SPU silencer
  • Double motor instead of two single motors
  • System scope and level of electrification can be scaled
  • Partial automation
  • LSC functions even for purely hydraulic actuation of valve sections
  • Electronic actuation can be retrofitted, even for individual sections

Wheeled Harvester

Benefitting from Linde Hydraulics, modern, mobile woodprocessing machines are both efficient and sustainable. The example design depicts a wheel-driven wood harvester with two high-performance yet compact hydraulic motors in a closed circuit. This design allows the machine to move safely and protect the soil, even on rough terrain.

The Linde Synchron Control (LSC) system is a load sensing system with downstream pressure compensators. It enables the work functions to operate in an open circuit without mutual interference. A main control valve distributes the oil flow to the consumers. Its monoblock design combines an extremely compact build with a very low level of flow loss.

The oil is provided by a high-pressure pump of type HPR-02, which operates at the noise level of a pump in a closed circuit thanks to the SPU silencer. The LEP controller enables volume flow regulation according to actual requirements, based on the load sensing signal. Using the electrical override, the displaced volume can also be limited or allocated according to application. Thanks to the hydraulically adjustable pressure cut-off, the hydraulic system is only operated at the defined pressure and securely protected from overloading.

The optimum coordination of individual components is always the main objective with regard to power and fuel consumption. Open and closed circuits are connected by the high-performance electronic control unit, which has already proven successful in other areas of application such as walking excavators. It actuates the pumps, motors and directional control valve sections in the machine control and can be integrated in other machine control systems, for example to fully or partially automate individual work processes.

Linde is also the perfect partner for other forestry machines such as forestry tractors, skidders and forwarders.