HPV-02 + HMF/V-02

Classic, hydrostatic drive system

Classic, hydrostatic drive system for closed circuit operation.

The connection of a hydraulic pump and a hydraulic motor provides the conditions for a stepless drive. By adding a pump to the diesel engine and a hydraulic motor to the gearbox the result is a simple but powerful solution CVT drive. Hydrostatic drives have already proven their advantages over converter drives several times in various applications. The hydrostatic drive also offers an unbeatable driving experience in terms of precision, dynamics and reliability.


  • All the advantages of hydrostatic LinDrive® drives
  • Wide conversion range of the hydraulic system
  • Stepless, even in combination with a shift gearbox, for greater ranges of tractive effort and speed
  • Various types of control
  • Reliable, robust and extremely compact design
  • PTO drive-through capability for pumps and motors
  • Smooth and delicate machine operations; even at low speeds


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