Linde Synchron Control (LSC)

Load sensing directional control valve

Intelligent oil distribution

LSC stands for high handling performance due to load-independent and sensitive machine conduct. Fast and direct.

The Linde Synchron Control System, in open loop circuits, converts the commands of the machine driver into direct signals to the actuators. The easy control of all components supports efficient fatigue-free working. Simultaneous load-independent movements and a pump control ”on demand” are preconditions for fast working cycles with at the same time low operation cost. Safety and optimum exploitation of the machine are, apart from power regulation and high pressure relief, provided by the optional priority selection. Even with synchronous control of several functions the priority mode guarantees preferential operation of predominant actuators.


  • excellent control with all flows
  • load independent
  • precision metering
  • dynamic response for fast working cycles
  • energy saving
  • integral
  • simple sensitive operation
  • high reliability
  • long service life

Design characteristics

  • closed centre load sensing directional control valves in spool design
  • hydraulic or electric proportional control
  • monoblock or single valve design
  • extension of valve blocks possible by single valves
  • horizontal and vertical installation
  • valves can be mounted directly onto the actuator
  • SAE high pressure ports
  • NEW: modular building block system

Integrated functions

  • fine mode
  • priority selection
  • pressure limitation for load sensing and regulating pump
  • step-up function
  • torque control function
  • load holding function
  • lowering throttles
  • make up
  • anti-cavitation security by adjustable return line
  • regeneration function
  • automatic air bleed valve
  • float function

Technical Data

VW 14 18 25 30
Output l/min 150 250 400 600
Nominal pressure bar 400 400 400 400
Peak pressure (intermittent) bar 500 500 500 500

Sectional View

  • 1Load Sensing Directional Control Valve: shown as sub plate mounted valve, alternatively available as sandwich valve
  • 2Cross-sections: thoroughly dimensioned in several nominal sizes
  • 3Valve control spool: with integrated compensators and pressure copiers
  • 4Compensator: downstream, for compensation, one per side
  • 5Pressure copier: integrated in compensator, one per side
  • 6Centering spring: in two versions for two pilot pressure ranges
  • 7Shim: independently adjustable start of function on each side
  • 8Throttle check valve: in pilot pressure port, adjusting valve dynamics
  • 9Mechanical stroke limiter: independent flow limitation on each side
  • 10Pilot-operated pressure relief valves: with flat flow-pressure characteristic, make-up function optional


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