Advantages of the CAN-Bus technology


Electronic controls of the LinTronic Program take advantage of the most modern CAN-Bus technology. In conjunction with Linde hydraulic components and peripheral equipment the LINC electronic control units offer an optimum vehicle management in mobile hydraulics for the most diversified fields of application. By choosing economical modes of operation and increased user-friendliness they provide better exploitation of performance and at the same time reduce emissions.

Potentiometer CEH 05

  • redundant potentiometer for mounting on MMi devices, with return spring, stabilized supply voltage 5 V–15 V.

Speed Sensor CEH 10

  • speed sensor for electric motor, gearbox and axle, two channels for detection of rotational direction, hall sensor up to 15 kHz.

Pressure sensor CEH 50

  • for high pressure detection, pressure range 0-600 bar, analogue output signal 0.5V - 4.5V, stabilized supply voltage 10V - 32V or 5V.

Swash Angle Sensor CEH 07

  • linear Hall-effect angle sensor with spring reset force for HPV-02.

Speed Sensor CEH-11

  • passive, inductive speed sensor with two-port connector for measuring the diesel speed.

Temperature sensor CEH-08

  • single channel temperature sensor ins NTC, KTY or PT1000 design for measuring the temperature at Linde’s electric drives.

Solenoid CEA-2x

  • 37mm-type solenoid in proportional or on/off version. For electromechanical valve control of pumps, motors, proportional valves and directional control valves. Magnetic force up to 55N.

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