2x HMV 280

Variable displacement motor

1x HPR 165D-02

Self-regulating pump

1x CMF 80

Fixed displacement motor

2x VT8

Directional control valve

1x iCon

Electronic control unit

1x HMF 105

Fixed displacement motor

1x HMV 135 Plug-in

Variable displacement motor

160 kNm
260 kNm
450 kNm
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Linde Standard Product Portfolio

160 kNm - 450 kNm

Application Example

260 kNm


2x HMV 280 (drill drive motor)
1x HPR 165D-02 (main pump)
1x CMF 80 (swing drive motor)
1x HMF 105-02 (winch motor)
2x VT8 (main control valve)
1x iCon (electronic control unit)
1x HMV 135 Plug-in

  • Freely configurable LSC system
  • Robustness
  • Smooth feed of the drilling drive
  • hydraulic or electronic control
  • bent axis motors for particularly high speed capabilities

Drilling Machine

Endless auger drilling, double-head drilling, vibrating, hammering or dry mixing - the applications of a drilling rig are manifold. Linde Hydraulics components are up to these different challenges. In the upper carriage, as feed of the drill drive or in the drill drive directly, we offer you the right solutions for the entire working hydraulics.

In this application example, the drill head is driven by an HMV-02. Particularly with different types of rock, extreme loads can occur in the hydraulic motor in the drill drive due to high angular accelerations. Our swash plate motor withstands these impacts thanks to its outstanding robustness.

Optionally, the drill head can also be powered by a CMV. This is especially beneficial when particularly high speed capabilities are required in the drill drive.
Both designs from the Linde Hydraulics portfolio - swashplate or bent axis motors - offer added value for your machine. We will find the solution to suit your requirements. 

Due to its unbeatable low-speed performance, the HMF-02 in the winch function enables a smooth feed of the drill drive.

Our LSC system is powerful and adaptable. Machines with LSC are not only intuitive, easy to operate and versatile, but also extremely powerful, as this application example shows. The double pump in the design example provides a total volume flow of 700 l/min for the machine and can be used as a single- or dual-circuit pump. Basic machines for drilling work are characterized by another feature of LSC technology: the parallel architecture. The compact design of the manifold also allows additional functions to be added at a later date. Sandwich valves with different nominal sizes can be added to the existing sections or replaced. The real advantage, however, is that there is no need to recalibrate the system or replace the manifolds.