1x HPV 135-02 E2

Variable displacement pump

2x CMV 115 Plug-In E6

Variable displacement motor

1x HMV 135-02 E6

Variable displacement motor

1x iCon

Electronic control unit

1x HMF 135-02

Fixed displacement motor

1x HPV 55-02 E1

Variable displacement pump

1x HMV 105-02 E6

Variable displacement motor

1x H[M]PV 75-02 E6

200 kW
450 kW
900 kW
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Linde Standard Product Portfolio

200 kW - 900 kW

Application Example

450 kW, 18 t, tractive effort 150 kN, ground speed 40 kph


1x HPV 105-02 E2 (pump for propel drive)
2x CMV 115 Plug-In E6 (motors at front axle)
1x HMV 135-02 E6 (motor at rear axle)
1x H[M]PV 75-02 E6 (intake drive pump)
1x HMV 105-02 E6 (intake drive motor)
1x HPV 55-02 E1 (header drive pump)
1x HMF 135-02 (header drive motor)
1x iCon (electronic control unit)

  • Intelligent propel drive management thanks to electronic control
  • High harvesting power and fuel efficiency
  • Safety and comfort features
  • Switchable intelligent hydraulic four-wheel drive
  • Without or with permanent four wheel drive
  • "Shift in Motion"
  • Intake Drive with quick-stop control

Forage Harvester

Harvesting performance of up to 400 tons per hour, even when used 24 hours a day throughout the entire harvesting season - forage harvesters have to deliver top performance in continuous operation. The availability and high performance of the installed hydraulic units are indispensable and, at Linde Hydraulics, independent of the type of control. Regardless of whether they are mechanically, hydraulically or electrically controlled, all Linde Hydraulics adjustments work with absolute precision and reliability.

Electronic control:

Intelligent electronic controls offer an expanded spectrum for sophisticated comfort-, application- and safety features. The control system perfectly matches diesel, hydraulic variable displacement pump and motor in every situation. The installed power is optimally utilized and fuel is used efficiently. The electronics themselves impress with a high level of safety - both conceptually and constructively. If, due to external circumstances, the control signals do fail, the hydraulic units swing back to minimum displacement. The machine gradually slows to a halt without overrevving the diesel engine.

Hydraulic Propel drive:

The powerful CMV 115 Plug-In bent axis motors enable speeds of 40 kph as wheel motors in road gear. The harvesting gear reaches up to 25 kph, eliminating the need for shifting in the field. The optimum speed is preselected, reliably maintained thanks to automatic control, and quickly regained after turning.
An additional axial piston motor can be connected for the rear axle. The hydraulic motors can be controlled independently of each other. The tractive force is distributed to the front and rear axles as required by the situation so that the traction limit is reached at both axles simultaneously. The ground is protected even when driving in tight radii by the mechanical decoupling of the two axles. By reducing the effective torque to zero, the steerability of the vehicle is always guaranteed even during heavy deceleration.

Hydraulic header and intake drive:

But it is not only a good propel drive that is important for the forage harvester; it is particularly crucial to ensure perfect interaction between the header and the intake.
For the header drive, an axial piston pump in this example an HPV55-02 is driven by the diesel engine either via a belt or a transfer gearbox. The axial piston motor (HMF 135-02) can be located very far at the front in the machine as in this example or alternatively further back in the vehicle and drives the attachment via belt, gearbox or cardan shaft.
The header transports the crop to the center of the machine, where the intake, which is also hydraulically driven, is located. This presses the crop and pushes it into the chopping drum. The intake motor (HMV 105-02 E6) and pump (H[M]PV 75-02 E6) drive the intake in the same way as the header. This process must run smoothly, because the speed of the feed determines a uniform chop length.
At the same time, the system has the task of stopping if the attachment picks up something unwanted. For example, if a metal detector triggers, the intake must stop before the metal part enters the chopping drum. This is important for the protection of man and machine.
The quick stop of the intake is so exceptional that special hydraulic technology is required. Linde Hydraulics uses a hydraulic pump for this, which creates this quick stop without additional valve blocks. Furthermore, the pump can also turn the intake backwards in order to transport the crop out of the machine again. This allows the farmer to subsequently search for and remove the foreign object before the harvesting process can safely continue.