1x HPV 75-02 E2

Variable displacement pump

1x HMV 105-02 E6

Variable displacement motor

1x iCon

Electronic control unit

1x Actuator

Actuator for Shift in Motion

3 t
6,5 t
15 t
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Linde Standard Product Portfolio

3 t - 15 t

Application Example

6,5 t


1x HPV 75-02 E2 (travel circuit pump)
1x HMV 105-02 E6 (travel circuit motor)
1x iCon (electronic control unit)
1x Actuator

  • Maximum energy efficiency thanks to optimized components with intelligent system coordination
  • High machine availibility owing to minimum, plannable service thanks to heavy-duty units with long service life
  • Shift in Motion (see example)
  • K-02 compact unit possible
  • Larger wheel loaders without hydrostatic drive unit benefit from Linde HPR self-regulating pumps and LSC valve technology in the working group and a hydrostatic fan drive

Wheel Loader

Optimised components are often not enough to help realise ambitious targets when it comes to fuel savings and comfort. Real advantages can only be achieved if the system components are perfectly coordinated with each other and work as one overall system. The following sample of a wheel loader demonstrates this.

Linde Hydraulics has developed a system to receive considerable reduction of fuel consumption and noise emissions as well as lower initial and operating costs. This innovative system called Shift in Motion for hydrostatic drive consists of a variable displacement pump, a variable displacement motor, a shift actuator and an electronic control unit.

It enables shifting procedures in a moving machine, equipped with a manual transmission that is intended to be shifted at standstill by electro-hydraulically synchronising the drivetrain. This system is particularly suitable for vehicles that require both, high tractive effort and a high top speed above 25 km/h - for example for small and compact wheel loaders.

The shifting procedure is load-free thanks to electro-hydraulically synchronised gears and the ability to adjust the drive component's speed and torque. Thus there is no need for multi-disc clutches and mechanical synchronisation using synchronizer rings and moreover there's less pinion engagement. This makes the shifting procedures wear-free and also increases the transmission's efficiency.